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In the digital economy of today, a different mindset, different practices and different solutions are needed. JE Consulting can assist you in implementing innovative solutions.

Certified in Building Tomorrow’s ERP with SAP S/4HANA.

Building Tomorrow’s ERP with SAP S/4HANA
Whether you're going for a system conversion or a greenfield implementation, JE Consulting has experience implementing SAP S/4HANA and can assist you in managing you're move to SAP S/4HANA. SAP Model Company services can be used to speed up and standardise the implemented solutions.

Certified in getting started with SAP Model Company.

Getting Started with SAP Model Company
Experience and successful delivery of projects using waterfall, agile or hybrid project management.

Certified in agile project delivery with Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager.

Record of achievement agile project delivery with Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

Combining best practices from the many project implementations with realistic and very transparent project organisation, task organisation and project follow-up help deliver projects successfully and on time.

Common project management issues I've encountered in my career are...

  • Inadequate sponsorship
  • Poor / slow decision making
  • Poor scope definition
  • Inadequate change management
  • Lack of co-operation
  • Poor use of resources
  • Inappropriate resources
  • Unrealistic expectations

These potential issues are tackled combining best practices from many project implementations with realistic and very transparent project organisation, task organisation and project follow-up to deliver projects successfully and on time.

Throughout the project there's a strong focus on delivering successfully on time and within budget. This is achieved by managing scope, resources and budget closely with clear focus on delivering quality during the entire project.

Key success factors for achieving this are...

  • A good project governance structure including weekly project status meetings and regular steering committees make it possible to follow up the project closely and make the necessary changes to stay on track.

  • Change mangement is a top priority.

  • The project team is a good mix of business, functional and technical SAP skills and there'a a good mix between customer and external resources. The best people are put on the SAP project, not the ones that happen to be available. And there's a close collaboration within the project team and also with the customer.

  • A detailled project scope / project charter is created and this scope is managed during the entire project.

  • The project plan contains a detailed list of delivarables, a detailled work plan, task-level effort and duration estimates as well as budget. This allows for a closes follow up during the entire project.

  • A working prototyping of key end to end processes is demonstrated in an early phase of the project. Real life cases in SAP will increase understanding of the solution and more questions will come up and can be tackled early in the process.

  • User acceptance and transition testing is well prepared and testing is done thoroughly and documented.

  • An up-to-date issue list / to-do is used on a daily basis to identify, assign, follow-up and document issues and solutions during the entire project.

  • A solid training needs analysis in combination with course catalogue, end user documentation, training materials and training delivery ensure users are trained and feel comfortable with the new processes and system.

  • A detailled cut-over plan and follow-up of the cut-over activities ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

  • Go live support is well prepared and users are given necessary support.

  • Issues at and after go live are followed up closely and tackled as soon as possible.

Some examples of documents used to follow-up and manage the project successfully.

  • Example project meetings

    Example Project Meetings
  • Example communication follow-up

    Example communication follow-up
  • Example test follow-up

    Example Test Follow-up
  • Example issue list

    Example issue list
  • Example hypercare follow-up

    Example hypercare follow-up

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